Software Development in Ukraine

We can assist in small and big projects

Save up to 50-70% On Development Costs

Highly Skilled Developer Pool

Ukraine offers thousands of highly skilled developers in many different technologies. They are available right now and ready to work on many different platforms and technologies.

Excellent Time-zone and Location

The time-zone to central Europe is really convenient since there is only 1 hour time different. Kiev is also very well located in terms of flights to and from Europe and to the rest of the world.

Danish Management

Coders-Dynamics are a fully owned Danish outsourcing house in Ukraine. You can have full confidence in management of your team and your setup in Ukraine.

Expand your presence

With your development office in Ukraine, you can even expand your presence in the eastern Europe region. Setup your own sales- and support team in Ukraine and expand into new markets.

Coders Dynamics offers no worries full serviced
outsourcing of your development team

We will assist you 24/7 to build a successful and cost-effective development department in Ukraine

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams

We offer dedicated developer teams that work for your company and project only, to give you undivided attention and focus.

Hired Directly

Hired Directly

Every developer is hired directly into your project so they fit your exact needs, skills and requirements.

Full Outsourcing House

Full Outsourcing House

We offer full outsourcing service, from HR, office-space, retention, infrastructure to administrative duties.

Client-Team Manager

Client-Team Manager

The Client-Team Manager works 24/7 to ensure collaboration between you and your developers are always at top level and efficiency.

Any Platform Supported

No matter what platform or technology you are using, we can find the right people for your team and product.

Cloud Software

Cloud Software

From responsive design, to cloud applications, to advanced database design.



Support for IOS, Android and cross platform products.

Any Language

Any Language

C++, C#, php, .Net, HTML5
You name it, we support it.



From x-box to app games.
Lets play ?



Setup your own quality and test team

Full Serviced Outsourcing House = No Worries For You


Only one thing matters to us. Your success. Period! Nothing else!
That’s why we have built and continue to refine our 6 step formula that covers all aspects of outsourcing to ensure your success. From day one to an ongoing long-term collaboration.

1. Full Serviced Outsourcing House = No worries for you

Our main job is to make sure your outsourcing experience is the very best. That means we will take care of all HR, Office-space, IT-infrastructure, on-going HR retention and on-going project management and overlook of your team performance.

2. Recruitment - we will find the perfect match

Our recruiters will do all the hard work of finding the perfect match for your team. Closely with the customer, the recruiter will set the requirements and filter all the main applicants. As customer you can follow this process closely in our HR software. Final interviews will be held together with the customer and applicant.

3. Client-Team Manager - to ensure your success

To ensure your success, your assigned Client-Team Manager is working closely with you and your project management, to always ensure that collaboration between you and your developers are at the highest level possible. Your Client-Team Manager is highly experienced in managing teams and understanding effective project processes.

4. HR Service - we make everybody happy

Our HR department takes good care of your developers and do retention every 6 months to perform evaluation and to ensure happy developers and happy customers. Our HR department also make sure to build team-spirit and to create team-building, so we all feel like a big family. Happy Days = Great Products.

5. Infrastructure - just start working right away

We offer full ready-to-use infrastructure to every team. That means that office-space is ready, computers and monitors are setup, fast and reliable internet is in place, you have free use of our collaboration software and servers can be hosted in USA or Europe or you can use your own local servers.

* Please note, development software is not included in our service and must be purchased separately.

6. Administration - we make bookeeping easy for you

You will only get one invoice from us pr. month. We take care of all the paperwork and make sure to file all relevant paperwork to local tax-agency and government. We have in-house administration of all monthly salary transactions to your developers.

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